Improving Your Running Technique

Improving Your Running Technique

Improving your running technique will help you to run more efficiently, help to reduce the risk of injuries and help you to run faster.

Here are some ways to improve your form:


Strengthen your body all over, especially the core areas glutes, hips and back. Try single leg squats, lunges in different directions, the clamshell, the bridge exercise with leg raises and the also doing plank exercises are very good.


Stretching can help you to avoid injury and recover more quickly from hard training. If you are more flexible you will also feel more relaxed and you running form will be more efficient.

Using the arms correctly

The arms are really important to help you to run freely and more efficiently, they help to create balance and a forward motion when running. The arms should be bent at 90 degrees and move from the shoulder not from the elbow. You shouldn’t swing your arms across your body as this will twist your torso and could lead to injuries such as IT Band injury. Keep the shoulders relaxed and don’t clench your fists.


Ideally you should land on your mid foot not on the heel or on your toes as this could lead to injury. It is best to get checked by an expert to help you to land correctly to avoid injuring yourself.

I offer running technique courses and workshops to improve your form and dynamic movement skills drills which help your body to learn the new technique plus strength and flexibility exercises to strengthen the whole body especially the core areas, glutes, hips, back abs.

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