How to make lifestyle changes

How to make lifestyle changes

To live a long and healthy life you should aim to make lifestyle changes for the long term, not just for a quick fix that you most likely won’t stick to.

Below are a few tips to get you started in order to make positive changes to your life.

  1. Start with small changes and gradually change other areas that you need to improve on. It usually takes around 28 days to form a new habit so if you try to change everything all at once then you are not so likely to succeed as you won’t want to stick to it.
  2. You have to be dedicated to reaching your goal and be prepared that it can take hard work and some days you wont feel like working out but you can push through that and once the habit is formed you wont feel like missing your workouts.
  3. Have a plan, a weekly and month workout plan to follow will help you to stay on track, it can be adapted as needed and you can look back at what you have already achieved which can help to keep you motivated.
  4. Aim to eat more nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, change white rice, pasta etc for whole grains or try grains such a Quinoa which is packed full of protein and nutrients.
  5. Keep your portions smaller but don’t skip meals.
  6. Get plenty of sleep, 7 to 8 hours a night
  7. Drink more water, this will help to boost your metabolism, increase energy and also helps to improve your skin.
  8. If you are short of time, short workouts will help, try swimming, yoga, walking or even walking up the stairs, these can all help to boost your fitness.

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