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Welcome to Ultrafit Living, I aim to inspire health and wellness in the UAE with news, articles, tips and advice on fitness, wellness, running, beauty and anti ageing. I offer one to one and group session in Dubai for fitness, yoga, weight loss, strength and conditioning, aqua fitness, running and technique training. Emma x   

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Personal Training

Ultrafit Living offers one to one and group sessions for fitness, weight loss, strength and conditioning, yoga and running. Train at your home, in the gym or with an online training plan.


Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture, with our Yoga sessions that will take you through the most popular Yoga and core postures that are geared to make your body more flexible, whilst strengthening your core.

Running & Technique

I offer customised training plans for all levels of runners from 5km to ultra marathon and triathlon. Learn the correct running technique with lessons to improve your form, help prevent injuries, run faster and more efficiently.

Face Yoga

Learn my Face Yoga routine for younger, more toned and glowing skin. Face Yoga is a natural alternative to surgery and botox combining face exercises, face massage and acupressure with fast and effective results.
For more information Click below and also check out my Facebook page Face Yoga By Emma Phillips.

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