Face Yoga

Face Yoga

Face Yoga is a natural, rejuvenating technique which lifts and tones the muscles of the face, increasing facial circulation and blood flow resulting in a fresher, younger, healthier and more radiant complexion. It is a safer, natural alternative to surgery and botox and if practiced regularly can have long lasting results.

Face Yoga uses a combination of face exercises, face massage, acupressure and face relaxation giving a sense of wellbeing which can benefit the mind and body. This combined with the use of natural skin products, a healthy diet, exercise and the practice of Hatha Yoga can lead to overall improved health and a younger face and body.

Face Exercise: There are 57 muscles in the face and neck which like the body need to be exercised to stay toned and strong. Face exercises will lift and firm the muscles, tightening the skin which will reduce lines and wrinkles.

Face Massage: Face massage increases circulation, lymph flow and removes toxins. It will increase the natural plumping agents collagen and elastin for a firmer and healthier, rosy complexion. Dark circles and puffiness will be reduced and skin will look more youthful.

Acupressure: The ancient Chinese and Indian system of applying pressure on certain points of the face can increase the flow of subtle energy to the area to free up any blockages, remove toxins and increase oxygen, leading to a younger, healthier and more relaxed appearance.

Face Relaxation: Relaxing the muscles of the Face can help to reduce and prevent stress related lines and wrinkles giving a more youthful look.



90 minute consultation session to learn your personalised Face Yoga programme. For best results you will do the programme 6 days a week. After a few weeks there will be follow up session. If living in Dubai I will come to your home other wise online Skype sessions are available

It only takes 10 to 20 minutes 6 days a week for younger, healthier, fresher, glowing skin, with less lines and wrinkles.

You will get a handout of the programme.



Customised plan depending on your individual needs.

A combination of face exercises, face massage and acupressure.

4 x one to one sessions:

Week 1: Forehead and eye area

Week 2: Mouth and cheek area

Weeks 3:  Neck area

Week 4:  Assessment and full face routine

Includes breathing exercises

You will get handout of the routine each week

Tips on products to use and foods to eat for healthy skin


Full Face Yoga Routine – 45 minutes – 300 AED 

This routine is the compete Face Yoga workout, combining face exercises, face massage, acupressure and face relaxation.

Facial Acupressure and Relaxation – 45 minutes – 300 AED

Ancient Chinese and Indian system using pressure to certain points on the face to free up blockages in energy to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area. This helps to remove toxins, stimulate collagen and elastin to the face. You will feel the benefits in the face and head.

Face Exercises – 40 minutes – 220 AED  

Just like the body the face needs exercise. This Face Exercise Routine will firm and tone the face and give a healthy glow.

Face Lift Massage – 40 minutes – 200 AED 

This routine helps to promotes blood flow and oxygen to the skin, increasing collagen and elastin and helping to reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Sessions can also be combined with Yoga sessions to give a full body anti ageing session.


5 Session Packs 1000 aed


Various workshops organised throughout the year.


Certified Instructor


The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method