How to stick to your running routine

How to stick to your running routine

You might find yourself dropping off your running routine after a few weeks, the motivation might have gone down, or you are starting to become tired and are skipping days.

Here are a 6 tips to help you to keep on track:

  1. Follow a training plan, get a coach so you are held accountable. Make your run a priority and aim go for your run at the same time each day so it becomes a routine.
  2. Plan to run with a friend or group to keep yourself committed.
  3. You don’t have to push hard on every run, you can go slower or shorten the run if you are feeling tired. If you are really tired you could swap your rest day to a different day, but try not to make it a habit of skipping run days.
  4. Make your runs interesting by choosing different routes, maybe one day could be a hilly run or a run where you add some pick ups.
  5. Set a challenging but realistic goal for maybe, in 4 weeks time, such as a 5km or 10km race or a time trial to keep you motivated.
  6. Add some strength training and cross training to your program to add variety to your training and to also strengthen key muscles and improve your endurance without too much impact from running.

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