Strength Training For Runners

Strength Training For Runners
  • Strength training helps you to lose weight, it can boost your metabolism by 15% and will help to maintain your current weight.
  • You will have higher energy levels, increased bone density, better balance and co-ordination, a better posture and a toned body. Along with a good diet, if you do two or three strength sessions a week, after 3 weeks you will start to shape up.
  • You will run faster, by increasing your fast twitch muscles.
  • By doing runner-specific strength exercises two or three times a week you will strengthen your muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons, helping your body to withstand the impact of running and to increase your overall performance.
  • During a race you will feel stronger and hold your form better towards the end of a race and have a even have a final sprint at the end.

I offer running specific strength and flexibility exercises for athletes that are simple to do and don’t take up too much time.

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