Tips For Younger Skin

Tips For Younger Skin

Exercise & Yoga

Exercise pumps blood around the body, helping the skin to renew, giving a healthier and fresher complexion.

Face Yoga

Face Yoga done daily for 10 to 20 minutes can help to prevent and reduce wrinkles, boast the complexion and help to prevent ageing of the skin. It is a natural alternative to surgery and botox with fast results.

Use Sunscreen

Ultra violet light breaks down collagen causing wrinkles and ageing skin.

Drink Water

 Drink plenty of water to help promote cell formation for younger, glowing skin.

 Eat Avocado’s

 Avocado’s are rich in vitamin c which helps to protect skin against ageing and they contain essential fatty acids, which helps to build collagen in the skin. You can apply avocado’s on the skin as a face mask to help nourish dry skin and give a healthy glow.

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