Tips to get back running after a break

Tips to get back running after a break

If it has been a while since you last ran due to injury, illness or maybe you just lost your motivation, don’t suddenly rush back into full training or you could risk re-injuring yourself and setting your self back even further.

Try these tips to start back running and to keep motivated:

  1. Join a running group and find people of a similar level.
  2. Follow a training plan so you build up your running gradually and also to keep you motivated with a goal. Choose short term targets along the way. Maybe you want to start with aiming for a 5 km race in 8 weeks or even a time trial to see where you are at.
  3. Spend the first month building up your stamina and gradually increase the length of your runs. Don’t increase your runs by more than 10 percent each week to avoid the risk of injury.
  4. Cross train by cycling or swimming to increase your fitness and strengthen key areas such as your glutes, hips, back and core.
  5. Add stretching to your training program and maybe try Yoga to stretch and strengthen.
  6. Enjoy seeing your times improve but don’t try to rush it.
  7. After 4 to 6 weeks gradually add interval sessions, hill work outs and tempo runs to improve your strength and speed.
  8. Aim to run 4 to 5 days each week to start with then as your fitness improves you can add an extra day.
  9. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t improve very fast, there is plenty time to reach your goals, aim to be healthy and try to enjoy your training. If you are enjoying your running then you will notice that you start running better and stat to improve.
  10. Make sure you eat well to repair quicker after runs with a good balance of protein’s, carb’s and fats such as avocado on Toast, scrambled egg on toast, salmon and potatoes or beans on toast. A few nuts after a run or some chocolate milk are good, quick snacks to eat straight after your run to help your body repair.

Enjoy your come back!




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