Time Saving Workouts

Time Saving Workouts

If you are travelling or have a busy schedule and your time is limited, even just fitting in an short 20 to 30 minute workout can be very effective if you work hard.

Below are a few quick workouts you can try anywhere:



10 minute run

1 minute walk/1 minute run (Repeat 5 times)

15 cycle crunches

20 crunches (hold abs and hold the crunch for a few seconds before lowering to the floor)

1 minute plank

30 fast mountain climbers


1 minute plank

15 reverse crunches

1 minute V-Sit

20 bicycle crunches

30 seconds side plank (both sides)

Rest for 1 to 2 minutes and repeat 3 times


30 squats

15-20 press ups

30 mountain climbers

1 minute plank

30 jump jacks

30 cycle crunches

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat up to 5 times







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