Emirates Bio Farm

Emirates Bio Farm

Last weekend I visited Emirates Bio Farm and took a tractor tour around the farm to learn about the organic and sustainable farming methods that they use. You can harvest your own vegetables in the fields and take them home with you and even sample some of the fresh vegetables as you pick them.

The vegetables at Emirates Bio farm are free from chemicals and pesticides, reducing toxins and pollutions to the environment and to our health. They also contain more nutrients than vegetables grown by traditional methods using chemicals.

It is a fun and educational experience for the whole family and kids can enjoy playing on the tractor in the playground or feed the goats. You can eat in the restaurant afterwards where they offer healthy, wholesome foods and juices. The organic shop sells a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, eggs, milks, spreads and snacks and you can also purchase online via their website and they will deliver directly to your home.

Check out Emirates Bio Farm’s website for more information www.emiratesbiofarm.com

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  • Living in the UAE doesn t present the strawberry picking opportunities we remember of a British Summer back home, but there are some brilliant farms to visit with your children where you can introduce them to farm culture (and increase their love of fruit and vegetables at the same time!)

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