Running and Technique Coaching


The correct running technique isn't just about the way your foot lands it’s about movement patterns which involve the whole body. Over time our bodies forget how to run efficiently from the repetition of poor movements over and over again.  If you keep running with an incorrect running form as soon as you increase your mileage or intensity, your body will break down and injuries may occur.

The body can re-learn the correct movement pattern through repetition, so that all the necessary muscle groups work together efficiently.

My Running Technique Coaching Program is designed to teach people to use their body more efficiently, to run further and faster whilst helping to reduce the risk of injury.

The Running Technique Coaching

Program includes:

Consultation, before and after video and analysis of running form

4 x Running Technique sessions

Strength and muscle activation exercises, drills to help improve your running technique and to strengthen key muscles and to increase speed.  Flexibility work is included which is designed specifically for runners to help to prevent injuries and to correct any imbalances

4 week Running Coaching plan

Option to join my Tuesday’s running/yoga session at The Mongomerie Golf Club, Emirates Hills. (This depends on your current fitness levels)

Running Coaching Training Plans

For Beginner to Elite Runners

Training Plans for:

5 km, 10 km, Half Marathon, Marathon, Ultra Marathon and Triathlon.

One to One and Group sessions in Dubai and Online


How it Works:

Whether you are looking to achieve a Personal Best time in your next race or to run your first marathon, achieve your Full Potential with a Customised Running Coaching Training Plan.


With Full Support your will get:

  • A Personalized Training Plan customized to your fitness level and goals.
  • Core workouts, strength work, stretching and injury prevention exercises tailored to you.
  • Unlimited communication with me to discuss any topic you want: workouts, injuries, nutrition or race strategies etc.
  • Revisions to your training plan as needed to take into account for variations, recovery, injuries etc.
  • Stress-free training, knowing that you have done the best training possible.


The Full Running Coaching Program is for runners who are passionate about running and want to improve.  Your will work closely with me every week to talk about your workouts, how your feel and what we can do to help your improve.


Here’s how to join the Full Running Coaching Program:

  • Email me first and tell me a little about yourself.  I don’t accept everyone onto this program and I want to make sure it’s a good fit for both of us.  Don’t worry – I just want to make sure you love running and want to improve!
  • I will send you a detailed Runners Questionnaire and details of how to pay.  The Questionnaire helps me understand your running history, training background, injury profile and your upcoming races, so i can design your Personalized Training plan.


Monthly or one off 12 week Plans are available for runners who need less support or who are looking to train for a one off specific race.

For more information about the Coaching and technique training options and pricing contact Emma:

email: [email protected]  or tel: +971 52 977 9426