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Ultrafit Livings top skilled, Certified Coach will get you in shape. Reach your fitness goals with a customised program, gain confidence and make lifelong changes to include health and fitness as part of your life for the long term.

Train With Emma

I aim to inspire health and wellness in the UAE with articles, advice and inspiration on fitness, running, yoga and anti-ageing.

Based in Dubai I offer one to one and group sessions for fitness, weight loss, running & technique coaching and yoga.

My goal is to make long term changes for life not just for a short term goal. I help you to fit the exercise into your current lifestyle and show you ways to improve your diet for weight loss, to look younger and to improve your health and wellbeing. 

I design training programs for weight loss, toning, all over fitness, anti ageing, stress relief and running programs for improving your technique, running your first 5km race or to run an ultra marathon. I also offer aqua work outs in the water and online fitness programs

Emma x

Based in Dubai

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After an initial assessment, a customised goal driven program will be designed for you containing a routine with fun and challenging workouts, healthy food ideas and regular fitness assessments.

Full support and guidance from an Advanced Certified Trainer.

Train in your home, in the park, at the gym or on the beach.

Fitness, Yoga, running, core & strength, Aqua sessions, cardio & more. 

Choose Your Goals

Ultrafit Beginners


New to exercise or returning to it after a break and not sure where to start?

We assess and design a program with an exercise routine which gradually builds up your fitness, motivating and supporting you to achieve your goal.

Ultrafit Weight Loss


If you are looking to lose weight, tone and strengthen and to feel more body confident, or you are looking for new ideas to lose weight and to eat more healthily.

Ultrafit Living will guide and motivate you to push out of your comfort zone to achieve your goal.

Body Blast


High intensity workouts mixing cardio and fat blasting body weight and dumbbell exercises.

Workouts can be combined with flexibility and core work for an all over body workout.

Ultrafit Strength


Improve physical strength with full guidance and support to build a fitter, stronger body and learn to add your new routine into your lifestyle.

Yoga Core


A combination of Yoga, core and overall strength exercises to improve strength, tone and to increase flexibility.

Ultrafit Sports


Improve your endurance, technique, strength and flexility with a sports specific program aiming to enhance your sports performance, reduce and to help you to recover from injures.